About Me

My name is Rebecca D and I am many things, just like you are.  A mom, a wife, a Reiki healer, a yoga teacher, an artist a Benefits Analyst during the day and the list goes on!  But above all, I am a spiritual person, just like you are as well.  

Over the last few years, I have delved into myself and my spiritual side.  I started practicing yoga regularly, I learned what Reiki healing was, and I had some very cool experiences with some cool spiritual people!

It brings me so much joy to now be able to offer yoga, meditation, and Reiki healing to others because they have all made such a difference in my life.  All of these things helped me to find my true self and connect with her.  I have come to know that I am a bad@&& healer and I now know that I own my spiritual journey!  I want you to do the same thing if that is the path you are on.



Reiki Healing